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It’s your digital home on the internet.

It’s not going to rival Amazon as a retail site, and realistically you’re not about to overtake Twitter as a social network but it’s Yours. Which is all that matters here. If you think of it as similar to your home, then you should take the same approach to it. Do you let folks you don’t know into your house? no of course not! Do you leave your back door open to let thieve’s and highwaymen (o similar) to hide out there and attack your friends when they do come to visit you? I should hope not.

Which is where the ‘Site Guard’ of Global Site Guard comes into play. By stopping those interweb attackers from getting any kind of toe-hold within your site and hosting area, GSG stops dead in their tracks, those types of attack attempts. If a bad actor does not gain access to your site, it cannot attack your site or anyone visiting.

When it’s this simple to add, and this obvious to do, just click that ‘Complete Order” button.

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