Why Global Site Guard?

Why do we need products like GSG Site Protector? Well the simple truth is in todays internet there are a number of reasons. Most websites are built using WordPress, and because it is free to use and open source hackers will try every trick that they can find to take over your site.  Many WordPress Themes and or Plugins have what is known as Vulnerabilities, a list can be found on the website. Now while the Vulnerability may be patched or fixed, a lot of website owners don’t do updates on Themes and or Plugins, this leaves your site open to hackers. Why do hackers attack websites? For the most part to use your system resources such as sending spam email or hosting phishing landing pages. 

On any given day you will get at least 100 hacking attempts or more on your site. How is this done? While many tools exist to preform these tasks and most of these visits go undetected due to disabling of javascripts, and still your site is hit.

This is where GSG Site Protector comes into play, GSG Site Protector is written in PHP and loads before WordPress. It counts every visit and checks to see if the visitor IP address, header, referring website, GEO Location and even the ISP is in a block list if found in any list the visitor is blocked from viewing the protected website. GSG Site Protector also has built-in DDos protection to prevent site overload. Why use GSG Site Protector when there are many other products out there that are more popular? We have compiled over 59 Billion, yes with a “B” IP addresses alone used by anonymous visitors and hackers. Why block anonymous visitors, VPN visitors and Tor visitors? These are how hackers stay unknown.

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