Who Should Use GSG?

Who should use Global Site Guard?

The short answer is everyone.
It doesn’t really matter the size or scale of your site, the sad truth is that you are still at risk. By adding the coverage that Global Site Guard enables on your hosted data you will exponentially increase your security. Say goodbye to multiple bot’s hitting your IP address All At The Sale Time. You can look back in wonder at the new speed and power your site will seem to have as soon as all those sad attacks are stopped. You see that’s the other, less talked about, side to this. When your hosting asset’s like CPU power and RAM are not being used by bots, and DDoS attackers, and the like, they can and are used for legitimate visitors to your site. Simple math tells you that if your site has ABC level of access per day for visitors, if AB is taken up by bots/attacks/scam posting attempts etc. then it only leaves C for your real site visitors to use.
Suddenly free up those area’s, and your real clients have ABC levels to properly work with. Your site will zoom ahead in comparison to how it performed before.
This is NOT to say that Global Site Guard is a site performance enhancer.
We simply make available what you should always have had available.

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