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After Plugin Installation

The first thing you will want to do is to login the the client portal, there are a few ways to do this.

It is best to use Block ad track setting for the first few week to make sure you see just what is going on.

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Quick note

While GSG Site Protector will work with website caching plugins, however in some cases the visitor may be able to view the cached website. GSG Site Protector will stop them from getting to non-cached pages as well as browsing plugin directory’s  

After you have logged in for the first time, you will be able to save your IP address to a allow list, this is helpful to keep your IP from being blocked.

Site Settings

Navigate to the Site settings page to make adjustments to what lists to use, as well as turn on Global Login Blocker if you want to use this, keep in mind if you allow visitors to post comments or in any way to logging to your site do not use this, as they will get blocked. You can also modify the block page content or put in a redirect page.

Setting Up GEO Blocking

Setting up GEO Blocking is very easy, from the client portal select one of the following choices from the Site List Menu ,Country List ,State List, City List, Zip Code List. From any one of these pages you can setup blocking.

This can also be done in the visitors detail page as seen on the right

Company / ISP Block list

What is Company / ISP Blocking and why is is used? in many cases hackers will use AWS, Google Cloud, OVH and many more services to attempt to gain access without giving away there location, so we have a special list that you can use if you want to. Use of this list will block all visits form any IP Address owned by that company with some exceptions, Web Bots will not be blocked, there is a different list for that. If you are using a service that gets blocked you can simply add the IP Address or Range to the Allow list and they will no longer be blocked.    

IP Address Allow / Block List's

In addition to our vast IP Address that are blocked, you can create your own custom list to allow or block.

Web Bot's

Web Bots are a common visitor to your website, from here you can allow or block any bot you wish to. Having a robots.txt file is fine, adding Disallow rules is also fine, but many bots don’t follow the rules GSG Site Protector enforces the rules for you.

Site Login Blocker

Login blocker is a good tool to use if want to prevent people from getting to your login page, however keep in mind if you allow visitors to post comments or in any way to logging to your site do not use this, as they will get blocked.

Site Reports

This page will allow you to see all visits for any given month, if you are using autopilot you can take a look back and block or allow a visitor.

Global Site Guard Security
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