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Welcome to Global Site Guard

Global Site Guard has not only a product line to help protect your website from hackers,
DDoS attacksBad Bot’s ,Tor and VPN traffic to your website

Global Site Guard Security
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Global Site Guard

On any given day your website is visited by hundreds of unreported visitors, these visits go under the radar of most if not all analytics you may be using for tracking.

How this happens is simple, bots of many kinds will visit and attempt to gather information about your website such as the framework IE: WordPress, Joomla and any other or just to gather or harvest email address, names, address’s and other key information for the purpose of selling and or copy and use elsewhere.

Other visits may be Anonymous surfers or hackers attempting to gain access to your website administration system such as wp-admin page. You ask but Why, I have nothing on my site that anyone could use? The truth is all website have something to offer to hackers.

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What Is GSG Site Protector

GSG Site Protector is SaaS web application firewall to protect your PHP website from hackers, bad bots and more, our light weight plugin installs quickly and our API does all the work.

With Cyber Crime running rampant, Global Site Guard will drastically reduce the chances of your website from being hacked. As a test I had a range of pen testers from @hackersploit attempt to get past Global Site Guard, they were unsuccessful for more than 30 days.

GSG Site Protector attaches itself to the website from the top level, for WordPress that is the first line in the wp-config.php file, from here All plugins, themes and all pages are protected. All updates are run at the server level and don’t require being placed on your website unlike most other site protection products. 

Unlike other systems that  GSG Site Protector has a very small footprint, for WordPress sites the plugin is 596 KB in size and installs 1 record into the database. I have see some that install all the rules in the database, and make your system do all the work. GSG Site Protector works from our servers not yours.

Global Site Guard Security
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