It doesn’t matter if Your website is designed and made for local interaction. Threat’s come to all site’s, every day, from all over the world. Our monitoring system’s show attacks coming from every country to the smallest of site’s.  You can view this on our data site – seriously, you’ll be amazed at the amount of attacks on a daily basis to the smallest of sites in our protection network.

Like your house or apartment, your site can’t choose your neighbour’s in shared or managed hosting. With our software we allow you to erect a Wall for your digital property.

Once Global Site Guard is placed on your website you can now tell who’s visiting you. With GSG stopping known attackers and those reported by our user’s every day, You take control of what does or doesn’t get to your site.

Global Site Guard

is a new SaaS product to protect your website from attacks

Global Site Guard covers all attempts to enter your sites and protects you from DDOS attacks among many other things giving your data complete safety.

How It Works

Our database of known threats allows us to stop them, as well as GEO blocking of Country, State, City and Postal codes.

IP Blocking Included

We include IP Blocking, IP Range blocking and Company blocking, from our known threats and those added by users worldwide. Your site is now well protected.

Anti Bot, Scraping

protect your website from unwanted visitors, bad bots and hackers trying to brute force attack into a website. This applies to site scrapers, spammers and the list goes on.

No Load on your Site

Our light weight plugin installs a minimal amount of code, allowing our servers to do the heavy lifting for you.


It’s a sad truth in today’s world that attacks are commonplace. We’ve seen consistent Denial of service attacks on tour companies, attempted SQL infiltration’s to a cake store, and other levels of madness. Why do these things happen? they’re all attempt’s to steal, in one way or another. It’s why we, Global Site Guard, exist.  

Global Site Guard is a nimble piece of original coding that stops attacks on your site’s. By closing the door Before attackers can get to it, we make sure your site’s integrity isn’t interrupted.

Like every other piece of software the only answer is No. Global Site Guard is about 96% effective, the other 4% requires user input, as a new threat becomes known we block it, however new ones will always come up.

Most site’s aren’t hacked. Most site’s and systems that count themselves as “hacked” are usually compromised by bad password and access security, not an outside attack. This is the one area we can’t really help with, as it’s  human centric thing. Observe the general practice of changing passwords once every 2-3 months, and Do Not share them. That’ll help too.

What Global Site Guard does is make it impossible for an outside attacker to access data and information on your site. This includes adding things like those fake ‘re enter your details’ type messages, that you might see from time to time in a hacked site. That’s what we prevent – getting into your site at all.

Choose the level of security that Global Site Guard will deploy on your site from our Pricing section below. Add the basic details – who you are, site address – and download the plugin. Once installed, Global Site Guard will then begin to do its magic for your site.

Install like any other WordPress plugin. Once loaded, our system’s then check to ensure we have the correct access that we need. Then Global Site Guard will take over the work of protecting your site.

Our Affordable Pricing


$ 14
per month - paid annually


$ 9
per month paid annually


$ 4
per month - paid annually


$ 0
per month - zero cost

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With a single plugin taking less than 2 mb of space your site attack worries are over

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